2019's Top Mac Online Casinos In New Zealand

Mac online casinos

It used to be difficult to find a Mac online casino in New Zealand, but a few things have happened to change that situation. MacBooks then became the top selling laptops for people spending NZ$1,200 or more, and online casinos started to adapt and expand their sites so that Mac owners could play at them. Our reviewers have put together a shortlist of the top Mac friendly casino sites, and picked out Jackpot City as the very best New Zealand Mac owners can enjoy.

  • The top New Zealand online casinos are compatible with Mac devices
  • Online casinos offer a no download option, giving you quicker access to your favourite games
  • Mac users can take advantage of lucrative welcome bonuses at the best casinos online

Best online Casinos For September 2019

Rating: 4.5/5

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Rating: 4.8/5

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NZ Mac Casinos Online - No Download Needed

One of the advantages to Instant Play is that you can access the casino quickly and play it anywhere.

NZ Mac Online Casinos - No Download Needed

Although many online casinos claim to be compatible with Macs, users sometimes find that they are not. We have rated and reviewed many of them to bring you the best three online casinos for Mac users in New Zealand. And it is no surprise that all three use Microgaming software, which runs exceptionally well on Macs.

One of the advantages to Instant Play is that you can access the casino quickly and play it anywhere. It's also very easy to set up. Plus, you don't have the software download taking up room on your hard drive.

Blacklisted Mac Casinos in 2019

There are many fantastic online casinos available to Mac users – casinos that offer great bonuses, a big selection of games, and high levels of security. There is a small minority of Mac online casinos that aren’t worthy of your time though, as they simply don’t offer the kind of experience players expect from an online gambling site. This is why we have created a list of the Mac online casinos that you should avoid – the casinos that simply aren’t worth playing at. So, make sure you look through them before you sign up with a new Mac online casino.

Casinos on our Blacklist
Ruby Slots Rating: 2.4 /10
  • Bonuses can be very difficult to claim
  • Often refuse to allow withdrawals
  • Withdrawals can take months to be processed
Winners island Casino Rating: 2.3 /10
  • Offers fake bonuses and promotions to players
  • Has some questionable practices
  • Incredibly bad customer support
Cool Cat Casino Rating: 2.9 /10
  • Often difficult to withdraw funds
  • Games not independently verified
  • Very bad customer service

Play at our top rated casino - Jackpot City!

Options for Mac users

Mac owners can feel much marginalized in a lot of situations where online gambling is concerned because many games and sites are designed specifically for Windows. However, this is not always the case, and there are tons of great options for online gambling out there for Mac users. One thing to take a look at first is no download sites. The games on these sites are typically designed for HTML 5, which is supported on OSX and iOS, meaning that Apple users are often just as able to run them as Windows users. If that doesn't work out and you strike out a bunch of times trying to find something, another thing you can do is to install Windows on a partition on your hard drive, which means that you will be able to boot into either Mac or PC whenever you want for different functions.

This can be kind of a tricky process, especially if you've never done it before. However, there are a lot of good guides available on the internet that show how to do it correctly and what you can do to make the process easier for yourself. One thing to keep in mind is that other people have probably struggled with the same thing that you have, so you can always take a look at forums and question sites in order to see what has worked or not worked for other people with the same issue.

Gambling Options in Apple's App Store

More Options in Apple's App Store

Interesting to note that as of late the first mobile casino apps for the iPhone have premiered. That's a sure sign that the New Zealand Mac online casino is here to stay as Mac products continue to be developed for online casinos.

If you are an Apple Mac owner, you'll find that Microgaming online casinos on Macintosh play without a hitch. All you need is a solid Internet connection and a desire to play at a NZ online casino.

We only offer you the very best in online Mac casinos for New Zealand. Our expert reviewers, along with making sure each of the Macintosh online casinos for New Zealand are legal, have also ensured that each one we recommend is also completely safe and secure.

We have checked to make sure that the Internet casinos we list provide you with the highest level of online encryption, keeping your sensitive information safe. The NZ Mac online casinos listed here also offer 24/7 customer service to give you the best experience and keep you playing without any hassle.

When you choose one of the Mac online casinos for New Zealand listed here you'll also get the best welcome bonuses and payout percentages too, so you get the best chance of winning huge jackpots and playing longer.

These sites open up a whole new world of fun, with big progressive jackpots and plenty of promotions to keep you busy. Also, the Internet Mac casinos for New Zealand players that we list for have a huge variety of games for you to enjoy - and you can do that on your Mac from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

So choose one of the top rated real cash online casinos for Mac players in NZ and start playing today. Gaming on a Mac has never been simpler!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, absolutely! Apple Mac computers are the favourite kind of computers for graphic designers and artists, precisely because they are so advanced at displaying graphics as well as being extremely user friendly. These features also work in favour for online casino customers. When you play casino games online you want the full immersion experience. The games should run at full speed, with no lag time. The graphics should look amazing, exactly as they were designed to. The sound should run perfectly and be in sync with the game. Mac computers are powerful enough and well-designed enough to handle all of these requirements.

This is one of the most common questions that new casino players ask. The choice of whether or not to download software did not used to be a choice. In the beginning of online gambling and betting, downloading the full casino software package was the only option that players had. These days, however, it is not a requirement. You can choose to play casino games right on your browser, using HTML5 based versions of the game. You can even try them out for free first. Of course, there are some benefits to downloading software. You often get a greater choice of games, and software tends to run faster than flash based browser games.

Yes – it is equally safe to play casino games on your Mac as it is on a PC or any other computer. Online casinos do not care what platform you use to access their site – they design the site to work on all different browsers and computers. This means that you can access your online casino account from anywhere – your home computer, your laptop, even your smartphone – and the security will be exactly the same. With that said, you still need to keep your own security as well. Do not share your account information with anyone, or leave your casino page open in a public space or on a public computer. Casino security can only go so far, you also need to take some matters into your own hands to make sure your account stays safe on the web.

Usually in the gaming world, PCs are the standard for downloading software and playing games on the web. Mac is a fierce competitor though, offering great graphics and sound for online gamblers who play the flash based versions of online casino games. In the old days of online gambling, casino software was only available to be downloaded on a PC computer. As Mac has become more and more popular, online casino sites are catching up and realizing that they need to cater to this new audience. Now you can find a lot of casino sites that offer full download software packages to Mac users as well.

Yes, Mac users can receive all of the same bonuses as PC users. Even smartphones such as iPhones allow you to access these same bonuses. Whether it is a welcome bonus, a matched deposit, a no deposit bonus or the bonus features that come along with VIP loyalty program membership, there is never going to be an issue if you access it from a Mac computer. For example you may sign up for a new casino account because they have a nice welcome bonus offered, such as a $500 matched deposit or even an no deposit bonus of $500. When you sign up for your account, if it is a no deposit bonus then the bonus cash will automatically be deposited into your casino bankroll. If it is a matched deposit, it will show up as soon as your first transfer goes through. Either way, Mac users can receive all of these bonuses seamlessly, exactly the same as a PC user.

Many Mac users want to know if they will have access to the same multi-player games as PC users can access at an online casino. Multi-player games include any games that involve playing and betting against other individuals – usually these are the games you would find at a table in a casino, such as poker, blackjack, baccarat and roulette. Other casino games such as slot machines do not involve a dealer or other players, so they are not considered multi-player games. Well, if you are a Mac user you can rest assured that you can access all of your favourite casino games on your Mac, including multi-player games.

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