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Windows Phone Casinos

Playing on a Windows phone is the closest you can get to a desktop PC experience on mobile, when accessing great online casinos in New Zealand. Many players enjoy gambling on their Windows devices, and a lot of casino sites accommodate them - including all of those listed here. You can also enjoy an excellent gaming session with our players' choice: Jackpot City.

The following page will take you through everything you need to know.

  • Find out the main reasons why Windows stands out from other alternative mobile devices
  • Key factors to keep in mind when playing on your Windows phone
  • Where you can find the best Windows Phone online casino apps

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Why Choose Windows Phone Over Android/iOS?

If you're wondering if you can access your favourite casino online on the go while owning a Windows smart phone, you can.

Why Choose Windows Phone

There are many reasons why people choose one OS over the other. The most common would be the special affinity with Microsoft based on years and years of using its software or the revolutionary tile design. But why open an NZ online casino on Windows Phone when there are much more options and countless apps on Android?

Below you have the main advantages:

Much better online experience

If your chosen casino doesn't have a dedicated app, then you may encounter problems when playing on your Android web browser. With Windows Phone, those problems aren't there anymore mainly because you are using the software created by the ones who started the Internet revolution. The HTML5 - the newest language used in any website - is much better handled on a Windows smartphone. Bear in mind that HTML5 is here to stay and could very well replace Flash in the near future. That means playing your mobile games on your smartphone browser is as easy and flawless as on your desktop/laptop in New Zealand.

Universal Metro/Windows Phone apps

Since the release of version 8 on October 29, 2012, Windows Phone apps are cross-platform friendly. Because it has many components shared with the desktop version, the apps can be ported easily. That means one thing: when you are away from your laptop, you can still enjoy the same Windows tile interface and its apps. Basically, it's like you've never left the comfort of your home.

The Future is now: Windows Phone 10

The new version set to be released soon will go even further. The whole synchronization strategy will not mean solely desktop - mobile integration but also the unique ability to port other apps developed on other platforms like Android and iOS. Yes, that's right if your online casino has an already-built app, it will become fairly easy to make it compatible with Windows Phone 10. Moreover, you will be able to use your mouse when playing on any online Windows Phone casino. Easy enough?

Things To Keep In Mind When Playing on Windows Phone

Things To Keep In Mind When Playing on Windows Phone

Don't get caught up in the loop too much though. Yes, they are the same developers that created your favourite OS but this doesn't mean it's the same OS. There are still many things you can't do with Windows Phone because it's limited in a few ways. While you can multi-task, your smartphone or other mobile devices won't have the same capabilities as a desktop or a laptop. So don't try to play multiple casino online games or open too many windows if you don't want to experience lagging issues.

Also, you need to know that so far, there aren't many options when it comes to NZ Windows Phone casino betting apps as compared to Android for example. Until the release of version 10 that is. You may still have the possibility to play on the web browser but before making any decision, take a peek at what the Windows Store has to offer you. Or better yet, look at our offers, all Windows Phone compatible, and try one out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, definitely! You can gamble on a Windows Phone just the same way as you would on a regular computer or any other smart phone. Windows Phones are equipped with large, easy to use touch screens and a lot of memory space for online browsing and apps. Online casinos have well developed mobile sites and apps just for smartphone users, which take the most loved casino games like baccarat, roulete, keno, craps, blackjack, poker and slots and put them right on your phone so that you can enjoy them any day, anytime, anywhere you are!

It is incredibly easy to get started gambling using your Windows Phone. All you need to do is find a site or app, and start playing! It is just as simple and easy to play for real cash as it is on your home computer. To find the best casino sites and apps, check out our review page for Windows Phone casinos. Once you find one you want to try out, just create a new account and you are ready to go. Usually sites have both a mobile browser flash based version of their games, where you can try them out for free. The games inside of an app are usually pay to play only.

Playing on a site or an app is a matter of personal preference. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Playing on a site is super easy, because all you need to do is type the address in your mobile browser and go. Sites usually are flash based, and let you try the games out for free. This is a great way to try out new casinos or even learn a new game that you have not played before. Sites do sometimes run pretty slow though, because they were designed for use on a computer not a smartphone. Windows phone casino apps are built for the platform from the ground up and therefore run much faster, but they must be downloaded and so take up valuable memory space on your phone. Many players use mobile sites to try out casinos until they find the best options for them, and then download the apps for their favourites.

Yes, the Microsoft App Store has tons of gambling apps to choose from. Just like casino sites online, you can choose from a wide variety of different types of apps. On one end of the scale there are full blown casino apps, with many games inside of the app to choose from like blackjack and poker. You can also download a specialised app that is just a single game like a particular slot machine or roulette. Check out our Windows Phone mobile gaming page to read reviews of the top apps.

Mobile phones with touch screens bring a new dimension to online gambling that has not existed before. Instead of just clicking, you can tap and swipe, which as you can imagine has some interesting and very fun potential for games like roulette, slots and card games. This is why gambling on mobile phones and tablets is so popular. The top games are the classics - poker, blackjack, roulette - but slots are also very popular. You can find a ton of different pokies to play, all with their own unique features.

Windows Phones are top of the line when it comes to online gambling. They are made with large screens up to over 5" in length, touch screens, and a lot of memory space. This is all very important to gamers because it means you will have the best possible experience with graphics and also with the speed of your games. You can fit a lot of apps on a Windows Phone, and with the Windows App Store you have access to hundreds of different gambling options. If you have a Windows Phone and want to start gambling online while you are on the go, don't hesitate to start today!

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