Everything You Need to Know About Playing Mini Roulette Online

Everything You Need to Know About Playing Mini Roulette Online

If you're looking for a simpler version of roulette at an online casino, Mini Roulette could well be the perfect choice. Many different software producers have created online Mini Roulette games, meaning that you can play it at most casinos. Here you can learn more about the Mini Roulette online casino game, or else check out our shortlist of the best NZ casino sites offering the title, topped by Jackpot City

But what will you find on this page? Well, we’ll let you know:

  • How Mini Roulette differs from standard roulette
  • Why people play this version of the game
  • The online casinos with the best Mini Roulette in 2018

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“Many different software producers have created online Mini Roulette games, meaning that you can play it at most casinos, and even in live casinos.”

Where to Play Mini Roulette Online

Where to Play Mini Roulette Online

You might not have heard of Mini Roulette before, however it is an extremely popular version of the game. Why? Because it takes the standard version, and makes it incredibly simple! Because many people want to play this game, online casino sites have ensured that it’s available to their players. But which sites should you head to, and which ones should you absolutely avoid? You’ll find the answers to these questions – plus many more – when you read through our comprehensive online casino reviews. These have been written by experts in the online casino world, and are completely unbiased, as we’re not owned by any online gambling site.

In our reviews, you’ll find all the information you could possibly need, ranging from the types of games a site offers, through to the different security features used by an online casino. Then there’s the customer service, the payment methods, and the different bonuses and promotions you can use. Once you’ve finished reading through one of our reviews, you should know exactly whether a casino is perfect for you or not! So, why not read through our reviews today, before you start to play Mini Roulette at online casino sites?

How to Play Mini Roulette

Mini Roulette really couldn’t be any easier, as there’s only a limited number of different bets you can make. As in normal roulette, you’ll need to deposit some cash, before then heading to the table. You can then place a bet on one or more of the different options, remembering that the selections with the best RTPs are black/red and odd/even. Once you’ve made your bets, just click the button to start the wheel spinning (or wait for the dealer in live Mini Roulette).

Once the wheel has stopped, the ball will land on one of the numbers. You will then see whether you’ve managed to win or not. If you do win, you’ll win a prize equal to the amount shown on the paytable. So, for example, if you pick the exact number, you’ll win a prize equal to 11:1. You can then start all over again, and hope to win even more money on the next spin!

Mini Roulette vs. Standard Roulette

Mini Roulette vs. Standard Roulette

While the principles of Mini Roulette and standard roulette are exactly the same, there are some big differences in the gameplay. The most obvious of these is the fact that Mini Roulette has far fewer numbers. In fact, there are only 13 numbers in total on a Mini Roulette board, including the zero. The range of bets available is also lower, as Mini Roulette only offers single numbers, black/red, odd/even, and bets spanning a third of the numbers.

The RTP of the two games is also different, with Mini Roulette having a lower RTP than the standard game. This is because there is far more chance that the ball will land on the zero, meaning that all even money bets will be lost. The payouts also aren’t quite as large as standard roulette. For example, picking the correct number in Mini Roulette has chances of 1 in 13, with a payout of 11:1. In standard European roulette, the chances are 1 in 37, however the payout is 35:1. Those with mathematical brains will be able to see that the chances of making a profit are therefore higher in standard European roulette.

While the chances of winning are lower in Mini Roulette, many people still prefer it, and this is because it’s a much faster game than standard European roulette. So, you’ll be able to get through games much faster, therefore giving you extra chances to win. Of course, this also gives you extra chances to lose as well though! One thing is certain though: you should have loads of fun when you play Mini Roulette for real money at one of our recommended online casinos in NZ!

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are two main reasons why many people play Mini Roulette online: speed and simplicity. The game is much faster than standard European roulette, therefore you’ll be able to get through more games per hour. Mini Roulette is also much easier to play than standard roulette, as the selection of available bets is much more limited.

Mini Roulette is played in exactly the same way as standard roulette. So, you choose the bet(s) you want to make, and then spin the wheel. If the ball lands on a number or selection you’ve chosen, you will then win a cash prize. Any prizes you win are then automatically transferred to your online casino balance.

When playing Mini Roulette for real money, the most you can win per bet is equal to 11:1. This is clearly less than the amount that can be won playing standard roulette, however the odds of spinning in a win are higher when betting on a single number. The best way to make money is by betting on even money selections though, as these have the highest RTPs.

We only ever recommend the online casinos that offer the highest levels of security to players in New Zealand, therefore when you play Mini Roulette as one of our recommended casinos, you will certainly be completely safe. We also only ever recommend casinos that are regulated by a reputable external organization.

As with most online casino games, it is certainly possible to play using a mobile device, including devices from Apple, Samsung, and various other companies. Many people actually prefer to play using a tablet or a smartphone, even when they are at home. Make sure you’re connected to a good connection though, just to make sure the game works properly.

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