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New Zealand is a huge market when it comes to online casino blackjack, and players from all over the country are constantly being attracted to the real money game. With a range of new sites springing up, players rightly have high expectations of the blackjack games available online, and venues come none better than our best recommended online blackjack casino, Jackpot City. Read up for more tips on blackjack betting and what to expect at Blackjack online casino sites.

  • Only risk a small percentage of your interen bankroll at all times
  • Never chase your losses, this will only increase the amount of money you lose
  • Familiarise yourself with the rules and possibly a strategy to help you make better decisions
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New Zealand's Most Common Blackjack Variants

Blackjack draws a lot of players to online casinos in New Zealand. To give themselves an edge, any top site will offer a diverse range of variations of the game that players can choose from. These try to mix things up, offering different rules affecting the game play and new options for betting during your game. We've listed the most popular versions below. You can click to find out more about them and play the games for yourself at any of the top recommended casinos here.

A well loved game

Blackjack is an extremely popular table game that is played at just about every online casino in New Zealand. But some sites are true online Blackjack casinos, meaning they have expanded offerings of the game that are available to Kiwi players. We have ranked numerous sites to bring you the top three NZ online casino blackjack sites. In addition, we have also provided you with a few helpful strategies that can be used when playing "21".

Blackjack is of the best loved online casino games, and players have a great choice of game varieties online.

New Zealand Online Blackjack Games

New Zealand Online Blackjack Games

Our review team has searched high and low to bring you the best NZ online casinos offering blackjack games. We have ranked and rated our findings based on game variety, welcome bonuses, deposit options and software features to bring you the top blackjack casinos for New Zealand players.

We know that you want to win some money playing in our top rated online casino sites. Therefore, we have also provided you with some great Blackjack tips to help you beat the dealer and boost your bankroll.

  • The point is to beat the Dealer; it is not to get 21.
  • Do not stand on 17 (do not play the dealer rule). If you stand on 17, you get no true advantage. You must usually beat 17 to win, unless the dealer goes bust.
  • Utilize splitting, doubling or taking insurance when you can.
  • Do not assume that the dealer's face down card, his hole card, is worth 10 points. The mathematical likelihood of this is under 50% so it's a bad assumption.
  • Don't be afraid to bust when you have 12. Standing on "12" gives the dealer a huge advantage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Online blackjack works in basically the same way as live casino blackjack. The rules do not change when you play online, as is the case for all casino table games. You still have all of the same options for your bets and your moves, and the language or jargon is the same too. Essentially, the only difference is the game play experience itself. In person, you actually sit down at a table at the casino or gambling room you have travelled to. You are surrounded by other players and the dealer is right in front of you dealing a real live deck of cards. Online, you are “sitting” at a virtual table. The other players of course are not in the room with you, and neither is the dealer. Unless you are playing a live dealer game, the dealer is actually just a computer algorithm generating random numbers. This is the biggest difference, but you will find that online blackjack is just as fun and exciting as the real thing.

There are hundreds of casinos and blackjack sites to choose from when you start looking for a place to play blackjack online. This can be overwhelming, and we always get people asking us where to find the best games on the internet. You want to find a blackjack site that is reliable, well known, trustworthy, and popular. Reliable sites are important because you can lose money if the site goes down in the middle of a game. They must also be trustworthy, so that you know the game is not going to be rigged in the house's favour. Popular and well known sites usually meet both of these requirements because they have high levels of customer satisfaction. To find the top sites, check out our New Zealand online blackjack guide where we have reviewed all of the best sites for New Zealand players.

Live blackjack is an experience that cannot be replicated 100%. It is really something else to be there in a casino, playing live blackjack with a table full of competitors and a professional dealer. It really makes you feel like James Bond! However, online blackjack allows you to bring that excitement right to the comfort of your own home computer. You don't have to get all dressed up and spend an entire evening out on the town, you can even play in your pyjamas if you want. Or, if you are not home you can even play blackjack on your smartphone! There are definitely advantages and disadvantages to both options, but nothing beats the convenience of online blackjack.

When you play blackjack in person, the amount of decks used depends on the number of players sitting around the table. If you are at a small game of just a few players, only one deck is enough to go around. At larger tables, a dealer may have to use two, three or more decks to make sure everyone has enough cards to play the game. In online blackjack, talking about the number of decks is purely figurative, unless you are playing a live dealer game. Regular online blackjack uses a random number generating software program to “deal” the cards around the table, so there is not actually a deck of cards being used. Live dealer games do use real cards, though, so they follow the same guidelines as land based casino blackjack games.

Blackjack is extremely popular in New Zealand, and in fact all around the world it is one of the most popular casino games. Blackjack is an old game with a long history, and has been around since the beginning of casino culture. Blackjack has been played since at least the 1600s or earlier and has become the most widely played casino game in history. Why is blackjack so popular? The rules of the game are simple – add the values of the cards in your hand together, and try to get as close to 21 as possible without going over. These simple rules are easy to understand and learn, but leave plenty of room for skill building and strategy. Blackjack stays exciting no matter how many times you play or watch the game being played!

The amount that it is possible to win depends on what kind of table you are at, and how much you bet. This is one more reason why blackjack is so extremely popular and well loved. The amount you stand to win can be customized to each player’s preference and skill level. If you are a new player, you will be playing at either free rooms or low bet minimum rooms. This means you won't be able to win as much money, but you do not have to risk losing a lot of money either. More skilled players an move up to higher bet minimum rooms, or even high roller rooms that require an entry fee. There are also tournaments where highly skilled players compete against one another in a series of games. These high roller games can have top prizes in the thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.

Yes, online games are just as fair if not more so than live blackjack games. The way that gambling works on the web is by using random number generation software. This software “deals” the cards instead of a dealer. Some people worry about this because they fear that the casino can manipulate the code in order to generate numbers in the house's favour. However, all legitimate online casinos have third party certification that ensures that they have not rigged or altered the software in any way, and it truly does generate random numbers. This is much like if the dealer was to shuffle his deck of cards every time he dealt a card. This makes the game fairer for everyone involved.

There are a ton of different blackjack systems out there on the web that claim "99% wins" or other outrageous promises. For the most part, these systems are set up to make money off of you, not to make you money! Any betting systems that require a membership or a fee to view are probably not legitimate and are just there to catch the suckers who would pay for something like that. There are definitely ways to strategise and use the rules of the game to your advantage, though. Instead of counting on systems, count on your own ability to learn the rules of the game and come up with strategies to win.

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