A Comprehensive Guide to Playing Bonus Blackjack in 2024

A Comprehensive Guide to Playing Bonus Blackjack

Bonus Blackjack is a great online casino game from Microgaming, and offers an optional side bet to the standard game, and which has a maximum payout of 50:1. Whether you use the side bet or not, this is still a fantastic game to play, with the high-quality graphics you’d expect from Microgaming, so why not read through our guide today and learn everything about this game? If you want to start playing Bonus Blackjack at online casino sites straightaway though, why not head to our number one site for 2024, Jackpot City

On this page, you’ll find loads of useful information, such as:

  • The top sites to play this game at
  • How to play Bonus Blackjack
  • How the optional side bet works

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“Bonus Blackjack offers an optional side bet, which has a maximum payout of 50:1.”

How to Play Bonus Blackjack Online

The Best Casinos for Bonus Blackjack

The rules of the main game in Bonus Blackjack are exactly the same as they are in standard blackjack, so if you already know how to play the game, you can skip to the next section on this page. For those who haven’t played blackjack before though, we’ll run through the basic rules below…

The aim of the game is a simple one: you need to get closer to 21 than the dealer, without ever going over the number. If you beat the dealer, you’ll double your money, but if the dealer beats you, you’ll lose the money you’ve gambled. If you manage to get blackjack, which is any 10-value card and an Ace, you’ll win an amount worth 3:2.

Once you have placed a bet, you’ll receive two cards, while the dealer will receive a single card. You then have a few options open to you. You can hit, meaning that you take another card, or you can stand, meaning that you receive no more cards. If you have a pair, you can elect to split, meaning that you double your bet, and the two cards are separated. Each card then receives an additional card, and you play two hands instead of one. Finally, you can double down, meaning that you double your bet and then receive at least one more card.

Once your turn is finished, the dealer will play. They will play using the same rules as you, although they can’t split or double down. The dealer must always hit when they have 16 or less, and they must also hit when they have a soft 17 (17 with two cards). If they have a higher total, they must stand.

Once the dealer has finished, the game is over. You will win money if you’ve beaten them, or lose if they’ve beaten you. In the event of a draw, your initial stake will be returned.

If you have never played blackjack before, it is advisable to first play using practice money, just so you can learn the rules of the game. You can then progress onto real money once you feel confident enough in your gameplay.

The Side Bet in Bonus Blackjack

The Side Bet in Bonus Blackjack

The optional side bet in Bonus Blackjack is a simple one, and this is a good thing, as some side bets can be unnecessarily confusing. You will need to place money on the side bet section prior to the hand starting, and you will win if you manage to get any two suited cards. If you get two suited cards of any rank, you’ll receive a prize worth 5:2, while getting an unsuited A-J leads to a prize of 25:1. The biggest prize comes when you get a suited A-J though, and this will see you awarded a prize worth 50:1.

While the prizes are large in this side game, it is something that most experienced online blackjack players will choose to avoid. This is because the odds are heavily weighted in favour of the casino, and there’s more chance of winning money when playing the main game. If you feel lucky, there’s no harm in having a quick bet on the side game though!

The Best Casinos for Bonus Blackjack

If you’re playing at a good online casino, Bonus Blackjack will almost certainly be offered. But how do you know whether you’re playing at the best site in New Zealand for your personal needs? The answer is a simple one: just read through our comprehensive online casino reviews, as they’ll tell you absolutely everything you need to know about a specific one.

All reviews contain information such as the selection of games, the quality of the bonuses, and how good the security is, and they are also completely honest, as we’re not owned by any online gambling company. So, why not read through our reviews of online casinos in NZ today, and find your perfect place to play?

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Frequently Asked Questions

The basic gameplay of Bonus Blackjack is exactly the same as standard blackjack, so it should be easy to make the transition. Where it differs is the optional bonus game, which awards prizes whenever you get suited cards, or A-J – providing you place the bonus bet, of course! The prizes during the main game are the same as the prizes in standard blackjack.

The odds of winning when playing the main game are exactly the same as they are in standard blackjack, meaning that the RTP is favourable when compared to most other games at an online casino. The optional side game at Bonus Blackjack does not have a particularly high RTP though, which is why most experienced players avoid it.

Microgaming have ensured that this game can be played on desktops and mobiles, which means that you can play Bonus Blackjack pretty much everywhere. Devices that are supported include Samsungs, HTCs and devices from Apple. You will need an internet connection to play though, as well as a touchscreen device.

The online gambling world is a highly regulated place, meaning that the vast majority of online casinos offer a completely safe environment for you to play in. To ensure you always remain safe though, you should only ever play at an online casino we have recommended, as we only recommend casinos that have met our high security standards.

As a New Zealander, you have loads of different options when it comes to playing Bonus Blackjack online. To find the top place for you to play though, just look through our many reviews, all of which have been written with the utmost care and impartiality. You can then head to the casino you like best, and start playing straightaway.

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