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Play European Blackjack Gold

It doesn’t matter which online casino in NZ you play at, as nearly all of them will offer European blackjack in one form or another. Only the top online casinos offer European Blackjack Gold though, Microgaming’s flagship European blackjack game. With enhanced graphics and smooth gameplay, European Blackjack Gold has become the game of choice for many blackjack fans, and you can learn everything about it when you read through the rest of this page. Alternatively you can get started playing at our number one online casino.Jackpot City

On this page, we’ll let you know:

  • Why European Blackjack Gold is so popular
  • The basic rules of European blackjack
  • The best sites offering this great game

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“With enhanced graphics and smooth gameplay, European Blackjack Gold has become the game of choice for many blackjack fans.”

Playing European Blackjack Gold

Why New Zealanders Love European Blackjack Gold

While European Blackjack Gold has fantastic graphics and really intuitive gameplay, Microgaming have resisted the temptation to make any alterations to the rules of the game. This can only be seen as a good thing, as how could you possibly improve on a game that has become so popular throughout the world? If you’ve never played European blackjack before, you’ll find a basic summary of the rules below.

As with nearly all online blackjack games, you’ll be dealt two cards, and you will need both skill and luck in order to progress your hand to as close to 21 as possible, without ever going over. Will you take another card and try to get closer to the magic number, or will you shy away from the risk and stick with what you already have? More advanced players can also do things such as double down or split, however these are best avoided by newer European blackjack players.

When you’re happy with your hand – or when, unfortunately, you’ve gone over 21 – the dealer will play, and they’ll also try to get close to 21. Quite simply, if you manage to get closer to 21 than the dealer, you’ll win a sum that is at least double your stake. The amount you can win per hand is therefore lower than many other games, but the likelihood of winning is generally much higher. So, if you want to make money when playing real money European Blackjack Gold, be prepared to play for a reasonably long amount of time!

Why New Zealanders Love European Blackjack Gold

When you sign-up with an online casino European Blackjack Gold will often be found amongst the games. Why? Because the demand for this game is so high, thanks to the amazing graphics. While the rules are exactly the same as most other versions of online blackjack, the way this game looks really marks it out from the crowd. Every turn of the cards or placing of chips is shown in glorious HD, and the audio also makes you feel like you’re in an actual land-based casino.

Now, you might be thinking that live dealer European blackjack must be better, as it is even more realistic, however this isn’t always the case. Those with larger bankrolls might prefer live dealer games, however those with smaller bankrolls could find the stakes to be too high. European Blackjack Gold can have really low stakes though, meaning that everyone can afford to play it.

European Blackjack Gold is also a great game for people looking to learn the rules of European blackjack, as Microgaming have included a free play feature. This means that you can bet with play money, therefore meaning that you won’t lose your own cash while playing the game. Don’t spend too long playing with practice money though – move onto real money as soon as possible, so you can have the chance of building your bankroll!

Find the Best Places to Play European Blackjack Gold

Find the Best Places to Play European Blackjack Gold

As already mentioned, finding European Blackjack Gold at online casino sites in New Zealand is really easy, thanks to the fact that it is offered by so many of them! Due to this, you need a resource to help you find the top places to play this game in 2024, and this is where we can help. Our dedicated team of expert reviewers is constantly looking over different online casinos in NZ and providing their opinions, letting you know whether a casino is worth playing at or not. So, to find the best place for you to play, just read through the many reviews here on this site!

We realise that there are quite a few casino reviews on this site though, so you might not have time to read through them all. So, to help you out a bit, we’ve listed our top three online casinos for European Blackjack Gold further up this page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

European Blackjack Gold has the same rules and gameplay as most other versions of European blackjack, however the graphics ensure that it is one of the most enjoyable blackjack games around. They are HD and really immerse you in the game, and they really do make every game a hugely enjoyable one – especially if you also manage to win!

European Blackjack Gold is a game created by Microgaming, therefore meaning that you’ll find it offered at a huge number of online casinos in New Zealand. To find the best place to play this game though, you should read through the many different reviews here on this site, all of which have been written by online gambling experts.

Microgaming are at the forefront of mobile gambling, therefore they have ensured that many of their games are fully optimised for mobile play, including European Blackjack Gold. Any device can be used to play this game, ranging from iPads through to Android phones, providing they are connected to the internet and have a touchscreen.

Blackjack doesn’t offer massive prizes to players, as the most that can be won on a single hand is worth 3:2, which happens when you’re lucky enough to hit blackjack. Due to the relatively high RTP of the game though, it is possible to make money over a period of time, and experienced players know that they’ll often have to play for a while in order to make a profit.

Some people think that gambling online is dangerous, however this is not the case. Online casinos in New Zealand are now heavily regulated, so it is virtually impossible for a site to cheat players out of money. By playing at a site we recommend, you can be sure that you’re playing somewhere that is fully regulated, as well as somewhere that has had the fairness of their games verified.

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