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Finding the right iPhone casino in New Zealand can be a bit of a challenge. There are tons of questions you should ask yourself - is the site optimized for your iPhone's screen size? Can you find the online casino iPhone app? Is the site secure? Before you decide, take a look at our recommendations for the best iPhone casino sites, or perhaps skip straight to our #1 site for iPhone gaming, Jackpot City. With our guidance, getting started is easier than you think - and rewarding, too, thanks to several iPhone New Zealand casino welcome bonuses that we've uncovered.

  • Access online casinos on the move whenever you have a stable Wi-Fi connection
  • Make fast deposits and withdrawals using iPhone casino platforms
  • Incredible graphics and interactive games with touch screen facilities

Best online Casinos For June 2024

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Whatever model of the greatest smart phone ever invented you happen to be using, chances are you want to find the best casino app for it.

The iPhone is fast and fluid. The graphics chips in the last few generations of iPhones are snappy. The screen is pin-sharp. And everything just works beautifully. Bottom line? You just won't find a better smartphone casino experience than on the Apple iPhone.

Before you decide that finding the perfect casino games app for your iPhone is too hard, read what we have to say. With our guidance, getting started is easier than you think - and rewarding, too, thanks to several iPhone New Zealand casino welcome bonuses that we've uncovered.

iPhone Casinos To Avoid In 2024

When it comes to accessing mobile casinos online in New Zealand, iPhone has the speed, slickness, and memory capacity to keep you in the real money action. But some iPhone casinos aren't always what they appear. Take a tip from us, and if you see any of the following casinos in your app store, or offering online instant play, just keep on scrolling. These are the blacklisted iPhone casinos that we've discovered aren't playing fair to New Zealanders.

Close icon Casinos on our Blacklist
99 slot machines Rating: 2.9 /10
  • Caught out using rigged software
  • Can't be trusted to give a fair result
  • Players losing cash playing here
Ruby Slots Rating: 2.4 /10
  • Routinely refuses to payout
  • Withdrawals subject to long delays
  • Makes it difficult to claim bonuses
Winners island Casino Rating: 2.3 /10
  • Makes false claims
  • Promotes bogus bonus offers
  • Operates under questionable practices

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Setting up online casinos on your iPhone

There are two ways to access iPhone casino games in New Zealand- through the App Store or via the web. Some websites offer their casinos through the App Store and they install just like any other app. Simply jump over to the site you want to play at, click the download link, and you'll be redirected to the App Store where you can install the iPhone online casino apps for iOS.

However, some of the best casino apps can't actually be found in the App Store. Many smartphone casino online providers don't bother with Apple's distribution process, instead opting to create a mobile web experience. In a nutshell, instead of installing an app, you simply play through Safari on your iPhone. But because of the way the iPhone works, you won't actually notice you're playing in a web browser. The iPhone casino web app is sophisticated enough to feel just like an App Store app.

Getting an iPhone casino that fits

Getting an iPhone casino that fits

It's no secret that the people at Apple release a new iPhone pretty much like clockwork, give or take a few months, every year. You can expect an upgraded iPhone to hit the market at some point between summer and the start of fall. For fans of smartphones, this is usually great news. But if you're an iPhone casino games developer, this can be a bit of a nightmare - especially if Apple decides to change their specs completely.

It happened with the launch of the iPhone 5. Apple switched from a 3:2 aspect ratio to a 16:9 ratio. For iPhone users, it meant a longer screen to play games on, surf, and check email. But for iPhone casino smartphone developers, it meant having to code for two different graphical interfaces - one for the older generation of iPhones and one for the latest gen. That's how you know any site that runs the same on older and newer iPhones is truly dedicated to offering you the best experience!

Before you play at just any New Zealand casino iPhone site, make sure the casino you're downloading offers the best casino app that works for the model of iPhone you currently use. And if you're thinking about upgrading at some point soon, make sure the smartphone casino iPhone provider has an app for all models.

Some tips before you play

There are tons of advantages that come with playing casino games on your iPhone. First, you don't need to fire up your Mac or PC to enjoy a game of Blackjack or play a few slots. When you're done checking Facebook, just tap your home screen and then tap your iPhone online casino games app. In just seconds, you'll be able to play the games you love.

But before you tap your way to riches, make sure you understand that downloading casino apps and playing iPhone casino games uses your smartphone's data. On your computer, you're likely on a wired or wireless Internet connection. You might have a data cap with home Internet, but it usually numbers in the tens if not hundreds of gigabytes. But with your iPhone? You might have a few hundred megabytes - which is less than one gigabyte. And when you play casino games on your iPhone, data is constantly being transmitted between your iPhone and the online casino's servers - and back again. That uses data, and if you play a lot of casino iPhone games, you can end up burning through your data fast.

You'll also want to make sure that the iPhone casino you're thinking about playing at takes the necessary steps to use high-end encryption for both their desktop and smartphone versions. That doesn't just apply to depositing and withdrawing. It applies to every second of your mobile casino gaming experience, whether you prefer slots, keno, video poker, blackjack, baccarat, craps or roulette.

Find the best iPhone online casinos

Find the best iPhone online casinos

At our offices, we've got loads of smartphones. It's our job to test every Kiwi casino on almost every smartphone available. That includes every single iPhone - the first generation Edge smartphone, the 3G, the 3GS, the 4, the 4S, and the 5. We've rated every NZ iPhone online casino for gameplay, customer service, game selection, security, banking, and overall user experience. Any casino that failed to score exceptional marks in each department was dropped from our list. Today, we can proudly recommend the best casino apps for the iPhone. Our picks work on most iPhones on the market, though if you have the very first model we recommend upgrading. And best of all, by using the download links on our site you'll qualify for a special welcome bonus. So download an iPhone casino now and say hello to hitting the jackpot and winning some real money - all from your Apple smartphone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can play any casino game you like on your iPhone. Mobile gaming is the fastest growing sector of the online gambling industry. As customers around the world and New Zealand discover how easy it is to gamble on their iPhones, casinos are developing apps left and right to meet the demand. When you go to the Apple App Store, you will see hundreds of options from casinos and individual developers for your favourite casino games. If you do not want to download apps, don't worry! You can still play the same flash based versions of the game on your mobile browser. Playing on an iPhone is so easy, and you can do it from anywhere.

If you want to gamble using your iPhone, any model will do. As long as your phone is new enough and in good working order that it can handle the processing times for casino games, you are good to go. This means that super old phones just may not have the processing power to handle casino apps. As phones get more and more powerful, apps also get more and more advanced, so older phones can sometimes be left in the dust. Keep in mind that you can use your mobile browser as well to access your favourite games.

It is incredibly easy to get started playing casino apps on your iPhone. The same way that you would search for and download any other app, you can search for casino betting games and download them right to your phone. You have a few options here. You can either go with a well-known casino, maybe one that you have an account with on your regular computer already, and download their app. This gives you access to those same familiar games that you play on your desktop computer. Or, if you are looking for a particular game such as Texas Hold 'Em Poker, you can search for that title ad get an app that is just that specific game. Or, if you want to play in your mobile browser you can simply go to your favourite casino site and start playing right away.

iPhone users usually like the same kinds of games that they tend to play on desktop computers. Card games like poker and blackjack are all time favourites, and become even easier to play when you use a touch screen. Roulette is also very fun to play on an iPhone because you use the swipe feature to spin the wheel. Flashy and colourful pokies games are also a crowd pleaser, because they do not require any sort of time commitment and can be played whenever, wherever you want. Not to mention, the graphics look awesome on an iPhone screen when you play pokies.

Yes, casinos do regularly develop great betting apps for iPhone users to easily access their casino account from their smartphone. Mobile gambling is so popular these days, in fact it is the most popular type of gambling in New Zealand. Why? Because it is so incredibly easy and fun! Casinos recognize this and spend the necessary time and effort to develop spectacular apps for their customers. Mobile sites tend to lag behind because they are designed for desktop computers, which means slower load times and cramped graphics and text for mobile browsers. Apps are developed specifically for iPhones, so they run smoothly, quickly and reliable

iPhones compare very favourably to other platforms when it comes to online gambling and casino apps. There are millions of iPhone users around the world and right here in New Zealand. Casino developers definitely want to cater to this audience because it is such a fast growing sector of the gambling industry, in fact it is number one in terms of growth. So, this means that casino sites spend a lot of time and money developing the very best apps for iPhone users. Apps for iPhones usually come out first before Android apps and they are continuously updated when bugs and any other quality issues are discovered. This means that iPhone apps are just as good, if not better, than other platforms for gambling online.

Yes, it is incredibly safe to play on a mobile. Apps and mobile sites are usually developed by the same big companies that run all of the best online casinos and gambling sites in New Zealand. This means that they have the same features, from games and customer service to security. Security features include firewalls and other high tech protection services to keep your information secure. Your financial and personal data is never shared, and you are 100% protected from fraud, theft and scams.

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