2024's Top Live Dealer Online Casinos

While online casinos have many advantages, such as convenience and game selection, one of the biggest challenges for online casinos has always been how to emulate the true live casino feel. That’s all changed in recent years with the advent of live dealer online casinos. These games combine the convenience and speed of online gambling with the interaction of a real dealer! If you're keen to try out an online croupier, we think Jackpot City is the best online casino for live dealer games.
  • Introduce a much more exciting gaming atmosphere with live dealer online casino games
  • Random number generators aren't used, which comforts a vast amount of players
  • Top casinos sites offer promotions specifically for live dealer casino games

Best online Casinos For June 2024

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The Live Dealer Advantage

Live dealer games take the convenience and speed of online gambling and combine it with real life interaction.

A casino game that uses a real dealer lets you participate through your computer, but in which the results are determined using real, physical gambling equipment and an actual dealer in a casino (or in a studio that is designed to resemble a casino). For instance, in online live roulette games, you’ll get to watch a croupier spin the wheel and see the ball fall into the pocket right in front of your eyes.

Live dealer online casinos

There are several advantages to betting at good casinos that use real dealers. For instance, many gamblers just don’t feel like games play the same way with a random number generator. While these games are fair and random, they can’t quite emulate the sensation of waiting for a card to be flipped or a die to land on a number. With live dealer casinos, you’ll be thrown right back into real casino action with real cards, dice, wheels and other gambling devices.

There’s also a social element that is lost when you play in an online casino that comes back into the fold with live dealer online casinos. Many games that use real dealers allow you to chat with the dealer through the casino interface, and even those that don’t at least allow you to see a real table and a dealer that will announce the results throughout the game. These little touches turn live dealer games into a true casino experience, not just gambling done on your computer.

2024's Blacklisted Live Dealer Casinos

Live dealer casinos are becoming more and more popular throughout the world, and most casinos offer a fantastic range of different live dealer games, as well as great customer service and a high level of reliability. As with most things though, there are a few online casinos that simply don’t offer players the right kind of service – casinos that value their own self-interests more than the interests of their players. If you want to avoid the bad live dealer casinos found online, make sure you don’t sign up with one on our blacklist, which you can see below.

Close icon Casinos on our Blacklist
99 slot machines Rating: 2.9 /10
  • Many difficulties with withdrawals
  • Have been accused of cheating players
  • Many complaints made by players
Plenty Jackpots Rating: 2.3 /10
  • Dishonest and misleading bonus offers
  • Players often have money confiscated
  • Payouts are often incredibly slow
Euro Moon Rating: 2.4 /10
  • Terms and conditions often change
  • Unreliable gaming platform
  • Poor customer support

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How Live Dealer Casino Games are Different

How Live Dealer Casino Games are Different

Live dealer games are usually offered alongside standard games at Internet casinos, so it’s important to understand how they differ. Like a regular game at an online casino, a live dealer game will feature an interface where you’ll press buttons to place bets, and your bets will still have to come out of your standard casino account.

However, the screen will look much different than that of a typical online casino game. In live dealer casinos, you’ll be presented with a streaming video that shows you exactly what is going on at all times at your table. These often include several angles or other good features that help you follow the betting action: you might have a separate camera right on the wheel in live dealer roulette so you can know the winning number right away, while cards in live dealer blackjack will have large print so you can always tell what’s going on.

You should also expect live dealer games to go at a slower pace than a standard online gambling game, as the dealer will have to physically spin the wheel, deal the cards, and perform other actions that are done automatically by computers at most online casinos. The need to pay for a dealer also means that these games are rarely offered in a free play mode.

Other than that, though, the games are very much the same as any casino game you’ve played: you don’t need any special equipment, and the rules of the game are the same. If you’ve played blackjack, baccarat, roulette or other games in a live casino or online, you’ll also be able to handle them when playing at a live dealer casino.

The Best Real Dealer Websites in New Zealand

We’ve taken the time to research each of the reputable live dealer gambling websites available to players in New Zealand in order to narrow our list. That has left us with a select group of sites that we think offer NZ gamblers the best live dealer casino experience. We have considered factors such as bonuses and promotions, trustworthiness, and the quality of the live dealer casino.

We encourage you to look through our ratings and reviews to figure out which of these great live dealer casino sites is right for you. We’re sure that once you try an Internet casino with live dealers, you’ll never want to go back to the standard Internet gambling world again!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Live dealer games are one of the most exciting kinds of games for online gamblers to participate in. We all know the benefits of gambling online – it is so convenient and fun to be able to play casino games at home or on your mobile device. But what about when you start to miss the glitz and glamour of the casino environment? Computer generated programs are great, but they cannot reproduce the feeling of watching a real dealer deal out a deck of cards in a poker game, or spin the wheel in roulette. Live dealer games connect you via web cam to a real live dealer and other players, so you can have the exciting live gaming experience without having to leave your home.

Yes, live dealer sites are extremely safe. Live games can be found ether at well known casino sites, or at smaller sites for individual games. For example you may find a site that offers live dealer poker and nothing else. You can definitely trust a live dealer game if it is found at a known online casino, because they have top of the line security features in place. Luckily for players, the smaller sites also have to abide by the same rules that the larger sites do. You can count on the fact that live dealer sites and apps never sell your information or share it with anyone.

Live dealer games have a lot in common with regular online games. You can find the same selection of casino games – poker, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and more – that you would normally find in regular online casino sites. Live dealer games might not have all of the same high end graphics as regular games, but this is just because the live dealer experience makes up for that excitement that graphics bring to the game. When you see the dealer via web cam, you do not need flashy graphics to keep the game entertaining! Live dealer games also usually have a chat feature that allows you to discuss the game with other players.

The most popular live dealer games are table games such as poker, blackjack, baccarat and roulette. Players like the assurance of knowing a game is not going to be rigged by watching the dealer deal the deck of cards or spin the roulette wheel. Now, that is not to say that online games are rigged. Online gambling follows a strict set of international regulations that requires absolute fairness in the random number generators that power their games. Live dealer games just make it so much more personal, just like when you are in a real live casino.

Yes, you can play with a live dealer any time you want. Live dealer casinos are operated all around the world, in every single time zone. This means that at any time you want to play, there is a live dealer casino somewhere in the world with tables available where you can play poker, roulette or your favourite game. If a live dealer is not available at your favourite casino, try searching for live dealers online right now to find one that is online and ready to play.

Many live dealer sites are starting to have the option available for players to partake in live dealer games from their mobile phone. Usually this means that you log in to the app or mobile casino, and you have a web feed to the dealer but they cannot see you. You can use your touch screen to play the game and signal your moves and bets to the dealer.

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