Top Live Dealer Blackjack Sites

Whether you're in Vegas or right here in New Zealand, the popularity of blackjack is unparalleled in casinos around the world. Players are always looking for the best online casino live dealer games. Nowadays, you don't have to be present at an actual casino at a particular time of day. You can play in an online live dealer blackjack casino anytime. Our reviewers have found the best blackjack online at Jackpot City. We have several other top sites offering great live dealer blackjack games for real cash. Continue reading to find out all the tips and tricks for succeeding when playing.

  • Get a wide variety of different blackjack formats to choose from
  • Live dealers introduce a more real-life feel to the online games
  • The best sites focus on affordability and offer games for all types of players

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The popularity of blackjack is unparalleled in casinos around the world.

How to Play Blackjack

Live Dealer Blackjack

To begin a game of blackjack, each player needs to make a bet. The dealer initially deals two cards to the player and themselves from a standard 52-card deck. There can be one to eight decks being used at one time. The player's cards are then both dealt facing up, while only one of the dealer's cards is facing up and the other is facing down.


The cards in blackjack are all worth different points. Cards which are numbered from two to ten are equal to the rank printed on them. All the face cards - jack, queen and king - are worth 10 points, each. An ace will be worth either one point or eleven points.


The basic objective of the game is to score a blackjack, meaning 21 points, or beating the dealer. If your live dealer has scored a blackjack, then you will lose immediately.

Hit or Stand

Hit or Stand

If neither you nor the dealer ends up with a blackjack, you can make a choice. You could choose to not fiddle with you cards and "stand". If you have chosen to stand, you are done playing your hand.

Conversely, you can "hit" and the dealer will then deal you another card when playing casino online live dealer blackjack. You will then total your points, if you score anything above 21 points, you go "bust" and lose all your bets. You can continue hitting as many times as you like without exceeding 21 points.

Dealer's Side

The dealer only reveals the second card once all the players are done playing their hand. The dealer subsequently improves their cards by hitting. There are pre-determined rules till when the dealer can continue to hit and improve their cards. Alternately, the dealer can just bust. If your dealer busts, you will be a winner.

Split or Double Down

There are two other options you can exercise after receiving your first cards. If you have two similar ranking cards, you can split them. You will place another bet which is equal to the original. If your split results in a pair, some online casinos will let you split additionally. This means that you can have a winning and a losing hand at the same time.

On the other hand, if you double down, you will be allowed only one more card and then you will be made to stand. This also requires you to make an additional, equally sized bet. While this can help to increase your stakes if you're feel lucky about winning real cash, it can also up your risk of losing real cash.

Types of Blackjack

There are some popular variations of blackjack that top rated casinos online offer.


The traditional or classic version offered by all online casinos.


Different from the classic version as the dealer's cards are face down when dealt.

Face Up 21:

An easy variation as both player's and dealer's cards are dealt facing up.

Super 21:

Same rules as traditional, but pays out for special cards, e.g. Diamond Blackjack.

Most of the live dealer casinos online in New Zealand will offer a healthy selection for you to maximize your fun.

Beginner's strategy

Beginner's strategy

While we are here to help you find a first-class online casino, we would also like to help you have a shot at winning some real money. Follow these pro-tips for an added spark to your play:

  • Never split your 10s.
  • If dealer shows 7 or higher, never stand on 12-16.
  • Don't forget to vary the amount you bet - increase if winning and decrease when losing.

Last Bit

For an advantage, remember to always adapt gameplay according to whatever situation you're in. Here at an online casino in New Zealand or elsewhere, we've selected the best sites on the internet for playing live dealer blackjack. By following the simple advice laid out in this article, you can become a pro at NZ live dealer online casino blackjack. Word of advice? Even if you're in it to win it, you should never forget to enjoy your perfect blackjack game.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Live dealer blackjack is a way for you to play blackjack online, from the convenience of your home computer or mobile device like a smartphone or tablet, without having to play against a computer program. Usually casino games use random number generation software to power their games and deal the cards to players. Live dealer games use, you guessed it, a live dealer who is connected to players using a web cam. He or she actually deals the cards right in front of you in order to play the game. The rules are exactly the same as in regular blackjack, as well as the betting options and strategies.

You can find live dealer blackjack games just about anywhere, including in a regular casino or in an independent blackjack site. Live dealer games are increasingly popular in New Zealand, so a lot of sites have popped up in recent years to meet the demand. You can find the best sites by searching customer reviews, or looking at expert opinions like you will find in our blackjack live dealer page. We know the online gambling industry in New Zealand better than anyone. This is why we have put together our essential guide to the best live dealer blackjack sites - so that you don't have to sift through hundreds of sites to find the best ones.

Live dealer blackjack is a favourite option for many players who love playing blackjack and enjoy having that personal connection that you get in a casino, but also love the ease and unmatchable convenience of gambling online at home. Live dealer games can be found any time of day or night, and they really do combine the best of both worlds from in person and online gambling. Compares to standard blackjack, live dealer games really do come out on top!

As we mentioned above, live dealer blackjack has the exact same rules as in person blackjack. It is slightly different from online blackjack because there are no actual decks used when you play against a computer online. Ina live dealer game however, the dealer has one or more decks physically there in front of them. The number of decks used depends entirely on the number of players around the table. If you have a very small game with only a few people, one deck may be enough, but usually the player uses two, three or more to go around.

Blackjack is a deceptively simple game - all you need to do is get your hand close to 21 and you are good, right? Wrong! The rules may be simple, but there are so many quirks and strategies for players that keep this well-loved game exciting no matter how many times you play. Yes, you can definitely use a strategy to win live dealer blackjack. Since you are not there in person with the dealer and the other players, it may be harder to read facial expression and body language, but it is also easier for you to feel comfortable and at ease. Bring your best strategy to the game and know the rules before you play and you are sure to succeed.

Absolutely, yes you can play live dealer blackjack on a mobile. Whether you have a smartphone or a tablet like an iPad, live dealer blackjack is definitely available to you. The way you play depends on a few factors. You can either choose a mobile site, or you can download an app. Mobile sites are great if you want a quick access game that you don't need to download anything to play. Apps tend to run faster because they are designed just for use on the smaller screens of mobile devices. Both have live dealer options available for you in blackjack.

Live dealer gambling is definitely fair for the players. It works the same exact way as you would find in any New Zealand land casino. The dealer is in front of you dealing the cards, and you can watch them shuffle the deck and deal. This is different from online gambling using random number generators to deal the cards. It provides a sense of security when you are watching the cards be dealt right on your screenvia the internet. The dealers are professionals and the casinos go through third party certification to make sure that everything is legitimate, fair and balanced.

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