Best Online Casinos For Live Dealer Hold'em

Texas Hold'em is a highly popular poker variant that is played around the world today. It's played in person and many others enjoy NZ casino online live dealer Texas Hold'em from their computers or mobile devices throughout the day. Our reviewers' #1 pick for live dealer Hold'em games is Jackpot City. You can play for real money or for play money and whether you're new to the sport or are trying to play against skilled players, there is something for every player at most of these poker sites

Live Dealer Hold 'Em
  • Different formats are available to play, such as cash games, tournaments and Sit n Go's
  • Live dealers provide a much more real experience than normal online poker games
  • Top casino sites encourage beginners by offering welcome bonuses and daily promotions

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The Different Variations

Texas Hold'em is a highly popular poker variant that is played around the world today.

How to Play Texas Hold'em

If you are new to the game it's a good idea to learn the basic concepts of live dealer Texas Hold'em before you try out any of the live dealer or real cash games available at an online casino. When you play Texas Hold'em each player at the table gets two cards in their hand which are known as "hole cards". Another five cards are laid out in the centre of the table and these are the community cards. They are laid out I a series, with three at once and then one card for each turn after for two turns. Players use their hole cards and the community cards to make the best five-card hand that they can to beat everyone else.

When you are playing live dealer online casino Texas Hold'em you'll be gambling against real players from around the world. These players will all be betting on their cards and trying to decide if they have the best hand compared to everyone else or not. During the game everyone takes turns being the dealer, and there are two forced bets required of two other players in the game as well. The forced bets help keep money in the game so that other players have something to work toward getting. The game is exciting and can be learned in a single afternoon of play.

The basic version of Texas Hold'em is quite simple, but when you join in other online NZ casino live dealer Texas Hold'em games you'll see that not everyone is playing the same variation. Different variations adjust the betting rules of the game as well as how the stakes change over time.

Tournament Games

Tournament Games

In tournament games that are commonly played on online casino live dealer Texas Hold'em games every player starts with the same number of chips to play with. The mandatory bets start out small and increase in intensity throughout the tournament. Tournaments can take place at a single table or across many different tables but players will be competing to survive and become the last one standing. In tournaments you don't take home the chips you earn, but instead earn a payout based on how long you stay in the game. Usually a top number of players get paid in each gambling tournament.

Cash Games

Cash games are much different than tournaments and in cash games you pay for the chips that you are going to start with at the table. The mandatory bets or blinds stay the same throughout play and they are usually based off the table type you join on the web. In a cash game you pay money to buy into the action and whenever you feel like leaving you can cash out and bring whatever money you have with you. Cash games on a casino online can be paid for real cash or play money, but they are a good opportunity to learn to play better and increase your overall bankroll.

Limit or No Limit

When you get into one of the real money games you'll have the choice between limit and no limit games. In a limit game you're only allowed to bet and raise a certain amount of money at a time. In a no limit game you can raise or bet as much as you'd like at any time. If you want to bet everything you have at the start of a game you're free to do so.

Beginner Strategy

Beginner Strategy

After you spend time learning the basics and you've spent time playing on a casino online live dealer Texas Hold'em site you'll want to take the time to learn basic beginner strategies. These are the techniques that will help you beat out other beginner opponents. As a beginner it's important not to become attached to cards with perceived value. Getting AK or even AA as hole cards doesn't mean that you're guaranteed to win. Bet strong with a good hand, but don't go crazy and always assume you can lose. Take it slow and only raise hands that you have high odds of winning with.

The next step that you have to take as a Texas Hold'em player is to start altering your bets so it's hard to tell what type of cards are in your hand. For instance, if you suddenly have a straight after the flop happens you don't want to place a large bet. This signals to the other players what you have and they will quickly fold. You want to place a smaller bet on a larger hand, and place a larger bet on a smaller hand. Your bets will help you manipulate what people believe you have, and most of the time you can win off your bets rather than your cards themselves when you understand how to do it properly.

Get Started Today

We tracked down some of the best places to enjoy an online live dealer Texas Hold'em casino in NZ. You can experience the thrill of looking for the good hands and beating out your internet opponents using one of these casinos. Many of these games are located in NZ or the New Zealand area, but they are available to people from around the world. It doesn't matter if you want to play for real money or play money, there is fun to be had.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Live dealer Hold'em works exactly the same as in person Hold'em as far as the rules and bets go. As you know, whether you are playing Hold'em in person or online, you are dealt two cards. The dealer then deals the five community cards, from which you can choose the remaining three cards in your hand. The player with the best hand according to their two cards plus the three they choose from the dealer's cards is the winner. These basic rules do not change no matter what version you are playing - in person, online or live dealer. The only difference between live dealer and in person is that you are connected to the dealer via a web cam, instead of sitting right at the table with them.

Hold'em is one of the most popular versions of poker these days. It has been extremely well loved for decades, and it has a large presence online. Almost every casino on the internet has rooms for Hold'em players. Because it is so popular, you will not have any trouble finding Hold'em live dealer games. If you search online for live dealer Hold'em yo will see tons of casinos and freestanding sites pop up. Just make sure you go to a well-reviewed site, or better yet choose one from our live dealer Hold'em page to make sure it is legitimate and has good standards for its customers.

Live dealer Hold'em compares very well with the standard version of the game. As we explained above, the only difference between standard and live dealer card games is that instead of sitting down in person with the dealer at a card table, you get to play in the comfort of your own home and see the dealer and the cards that are dealt via a web cam. You still get the personal interaction that casino players love, and you still get to watch the dealer deal the cards. The rules and bets all remain the same as well. Live dealer games are simply more convenient.

Yes, you can easily bring the convenience of live dealer games one step further by playing on your mobile. You can even play on a tablet, as long as you have a solid internet connection. To play on your mobile, you can either choose to download a Hold'em live dealer app, or you can download an app to a casino that offers live dealer Hold'em, or finally you can play on a mobile browser site. Apps are very easy to find and download, and once they are on your device they run very fast and smoothly. Mobile browser sites can be a better option if you do not want to download anything, but they may run a bit slower since they were designed to be viewed on a regular computer.

Yes, live dealer Hold'em is absolutely fair. The same fairness you can expect from a legitimate in person casino is to be expected when you play the live dealer version of a game. You watch the dealer shuffle the cards, deal the cards and accept the bets. You know there is no fishy business going on because you can see it all in front of you on the screen. Even better, you can check the security credentials of the casino you are playing at to make sure they have undergone third party certification such as eCOGRA. This certification means that an unaffiliated team has checked the casino site from top to bottom to make sure there are no unfair house advantages or any other trickery to take advantage of the customer.

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