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Online Poker is constantly growing throughout New Zealand, and attracts new players to the virtual felt every single day. This has meant that there are many online casino sites competing for your custom, and the choice can be overwhelming. To give you a head start, our team of reviewers have presented a selection of their very best sites on this page, including their top internet site for online poker, Jackpot City.

What can new players expect from the top online poker sites in New Zealand?

  • Lucrative welcome bonuses for new players, boosting your bankroll
  • A wide variety of tournaments to choose from, available at all stakes
  • Loyalty programs are in place to reward players for their volume

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The Community of Online Poker in New Zealand

You can win big money playing online poker in New Zealand.

Pokies are great and nearly a national pastime in Australia and New Zealand, but if you want excitement get into a game of real skill then it has to be poker. Online casino sites offer you the chance to win big money playing online poker in New Zealand. The New Zealand online poker sites listed here offer the feel of a real live game. Instead of playing against machines you are actually playing against other people, they just may happen to be sitting on the other side of the continent or even world, instead of the other side of the table.

Besides the excitement of live competition, the chance to win big money in high-stakes games or in low-buy in tournaments, playing online poker in New Zealand is a community endeavour. You get to know people and you can even chat back and forth across the table, throwing around a little competitive banter and having fun. You are playing against real people, not a machine so there is also a lot of room for human connection. There's lots of room for human error, too. That's where your poker skills can really shine. Machines rarely make mistakes, but even the most experienced player can have a bad day, so even players just getting into New Zealand online poker have a good chance of winning against the pros.

We have the very best New Zealand online casinos for poker listed here. They offer a wide variety of real money games so you can get in on the type of poker you like best, and lots of bonuses to increase your playing time. Welcome bonuses give you added money for every dollar you deposit into your player account. Loyalty programs go a step further in showing you how much your business is appreciated by online poker sites in New Zealand. These perks include free seats in tournaments and bigger jackpots. Because NZ online casinos with poker rooms do not have physical overhead, they can pass the extra money on to you, their regular players.

Poker Games You'll Find at Online Casinos

Texas Hold 'em

Texas hold 'em is a very popular type of poker that is played in lots of casinos all over the world - it might even take the prize for being the most popular type of poker out there. In the game, the players are each dealt two cards face down called pocket cards. Then five cards are dealt face down in the center of the table. After the first round of betting, the first three cards called the flop, are turned face up. After each round of betting after that, one of the remaining face down cards in the center is flipped face up. The fourth is called the turn, and the fifth is called the river. At the end of the game, the players construct the best five card hand that they can, using their hand and the cards in the center of the playing field.


Omaha is a style of poker that is very similar to Texas hold 'em. Like Texas hold 'em, it features four rounds of betting, personal cards in each player's hand, and cards in the center. However, unlike Texas hold 'em, each player receives four cards of their own and the five community cards in the center are immediately revealed. Betting commences normally, and then at the end of the game, each player constructs a five card hand using two of their personal cards and three of the community cards.


Stud is a fairly popular variety of poker that is a little bit simpler. This is because this style of poker dates back to the 1770s as three card stud poker. Later on, in the 1860s, it became very popular with soldiers on both sides of the American civil war, who played it with five cards. Recently, seven card stud poker has become more popular. In stud poker, each player is dealt cards, some of which are face up and some of which are face down. There is no redrawing or anything like that. Because this version is so simple, a lot of the excitement comes from the several rounds of betting, which players use to bluff their opponents. The face down cards that a player has are sometimes called 'hole' cards, which is what inspired the term, 'ace in the hole' to refer to a winning hand that the other players can't see.


Razz is a somewhat less common variety of poker, although it has been a feature of the world series of poker since 1971 and remains the most popular type of lowball poker, especially on the internet. The unique part about Razz is that instead of aiming for high cards in the standard poker scoring methods, you aim for low values. The ace, as one, remains a trump card in most situations, however, the classic royal flush becomes the lowest valued scoring method, with five, four, three, two, ace as the best possible hand. Razz is often played as the R in H.O.R.S.E., which is a variety game of five different types of poker.

5 card draw

Five card draw is another incredibly common type of poker, probably second only to Texas hold 'em in its popularity. Although it is one of the first types of poker that many people learn about, most casinos have actually removed it from their roster of games in favour of Texas hold 'em. Some casinos still offer it, however, and plenty of people play it on their own in casual settings. In five card draw, players are dealt five cards. Interspersed with rounds of betting, each player can toss up to three cards out of their hand and draw an equal number to replace them and hopefully get a better hand.

High/low Chicago

This style of poker features a split pot, which means there are two winners. The player with the highest or lowest (depending on whether it is a high or low game) Spade card wins half the pot. The other half is given to the player with the best poker hand. You can also add this game style to other varieties of poker, as well.

Follow the queen

Follow the queen is a bit of an older style of poker, although plenty of people still play it. It is set up as a stud poker game, but whenever a queen is flipped face up in someone's visible hand, then the next that is flipped face up is a wild card. If no queens are ever flipped face up, then there are no wild cards, either.

World Class NZ-Friendly Sites

World Class Online New Zealand Poker Sites

Before long you could even be a world-class poker player. Many of today's top tournament players started at small tables. You already know the basics of poker so you are a big step ahead of those that started from scratch. Many of the top-rated New Zealand poker and online casino sites listed here even give away seats to the WSOP (World Series of Poker) and the Aussie Million live tournaments as a prize in the online tournaments. Some of the best tournaments in the world such as the Aussie Million can only be entered by winning a seat in an online or sponsored physical game.

The Best Poker Sites Online in New Zealand

The Best Online Poker Sites in New Zealand

You may not be able to travel around NZ to find the biggest physical poker games, but online on desktop or mobile you can be sitting next to the best players in the world. Get started in real cash betting today. Our reviewers have checked each of these sites personally to be sure they offer the security, customer service, high-quality graphics and that real poker room feel you want in an online NZ poker site.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Online poker works the exact same way as in person poker, it is only different in the fact that you are playing in a virtual room instead of a real live table. There are different versions of online poker out there, including some where you play vs other real live players or somewhere you play against a computer. In all of these versions, the rules of the game remain the same. You have the same number of cards dealt to you, and the bets you are able to place as well as the moves you make to exchange or keep your cards are all the same. If you want to play against other real live people you can choose any standard poker room online. You will see a virtual table with other user names around it, which are the other players. Or, you can also chose live dealer games which connect you to a real live dealer via web cam. If you want to play alone vs a computer, video poker allows you to do just that.

Online poker games are everywhere. They are at every single online casino, as well as on poker sites which offer nothing but this popular, well-loved game. You can find every variation of poker out there, including Stud, Pai Gow and Texas Hold'em. The best poker games are at sites with a high number of customers and a lot of tables to choose from. You want to be able to play against people who are at the same skill level as you, or close to it. If you play against people who are much less skilled than you, it gets boring fast, and if you are the least skilled player you may find it too challenging or frustrating. Check out our site about New Zealand poker rooms to find the best casinos for beginner, intermediate and even expert level poker players.

Draw, Stud and Texas Hold'em are the most popular variations of poker online. These two games can be found at almost every online casino around the world, and in fact in every land based casino as well. Gamblers are usually consistent types of people - they pick their game and stick to it over many years. This is how you build up a high level of skill and can end up winning a lot of cash playing poker. You can find free versions of all of these poker games to try out as well, so that you can decide which the best game is for you.

Online poker is a much different experience from live casino poker, but in many ways it is still very familiar. The rules and bets are still the same, with cards being dealt to players and the game proceeding in exactly the same way as if you were right there in person. This is especially true for live dealer versions of the game, which have a real live dealer that the players can see on their screen through a web cam while he deals the cards. Online games tend to move much faster than live casino games though, and you also have the option to play multiple games at once. This increases your winning potential significantly by allowing you to place more bets in a shorter period of time.

Yes, online poker is very popular in New Zealand. In fact, online poker is popular everywhere in the world! Poker may just be the most popular casino game of all time, and since it has been available for players to access online it has only increased in popularity year after year. The advent of video poker added a whole new way to play, where you can play versus a computer instead of a table full of other people. The rules remain the same of course, but you do not have to wait for five other players to place their bets, you get to play at your own pace. You can find all kinds of variations of poker online in New Zealand, and you can definitely count on the fact that there will be a ton of opponents to choose from in each room!

This is a common question that we get asked about every gambling game. How much money can I win? Well, the answer is not so simple. The amount of money you can win may be very small, or it may be very large, it depends entirely on you. If you are a new player with no skills, you do not stand to win a lot of money. If you have patience and determination, you can build up your skill level and eventually even become a professional player making thousands of dollars per game. The biggest games and tournaments can even mean millions of dollars in profits. You just need to work hard at getting to know the game before you start placing huge bets. If you follow a solid strategy, you can definitely win a lot of money playing online poker on desktop or mobile.

No, online poker is not fixed, rigged, or unfair in any way as long as you play at trusted sites. There are of course going to be scam sites out there that try to lure players in with false promises and then take advantage of them during the game, or even steal their financial data. There are so many online casinos out there, but in fact it is easy to spot the legitimate ones from the scam sites. All you need to do is go with trusted sites that are large, have a good solid customer base and following, and come highly reviewed. Also check fir third party or eCOGRA certification. These third party companies scour a casino's website to make sure that all of their software and security features are safe and legit, and that their games are not rigged.

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