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Poli Online Casinos

If you're struggling to decide on which deposit method to use, look no further. At any top online casino, POLi allows for fast, secure online casino payments at any of the top online gambling sites, and all with a very simple transactions process at the cashier. To get you to the games quickly, our reviews team have selected the best casinos accepting POLi on this page, and have also made Jackpot City their overall top site.

We've compiled a list of the key advantages of depositing at an online casino using POLi.

  • Available to use at all the very best New Zealand online casino sites
  • No banking information is required when making a deposit With POLi at online casino sites
  • Quick deposits allowing for instant access to your favourite casino games

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Make Your POLi Deposit Today

Make Your POLi Deposit Today

POLi is a very popular payment service that makes buying goods or transferring cash online as risk free as it can be. In addition, this service requires that no banking information be shared with any third party, including POLi. Many New Zealand online casinos accept POLi for this reason. However, not all POLi online casinos in NZ are the same so we have examined dozens of them to find you the best.

Three Easy Steps to Deposit

POLi is a very popular payment service that makes buying goods or transferring cash online as risk free as it can be.

POLi is ideal to use at the top New Zealand online casinos on our list as it is dedicated to ensuring that players are able to utilize their funds efficiently and quickly. This service has become popular with people who do not use credit cards or who do not want to use them over the Internet. In fact, if you have an online bank account that has access to Pay Anyone, you can use POLi. You can then use your online banking service to make payments to New Zealand online casinoswithout exposing any personal or financial information.

Making POLi online casino deposits is as simple as one, two, three. Here are the steps.

  1. When you see the POLi payment option at an online casino, simply choose the Pay with Internet Banking feature.
  2. You'll then select your online bank. You'll be given various prompts that will help you install the easy-to-use POLi Web Browser.
  3. Finally, finish paying by choosing the Pay Anyone option available through your online bank.

That's it. Your cash will be sitting in your online casino account waiting to be used.

Advantages of making online casino deposits with POLi

POLi Advantages

POLi is an online payment system that is ideal for real money online gambling for many reasons. As a payment option at an online casino, POLi is very focused on security and anonymity. It does not require you to make an account or give them any personal information other than the relevant routing numbers for the money you are moving around. Additionally, it has been tested as one of the most secure payment sites on the internet.

Some things that make POLi ideal for online gambling is that it does not require a credit card at all - all you need is an online banking account. It does not charge a service fee, either, which is especially nice if you make regular transactions, like deposits to a casino site. You can also take advantage of options for instant payment confirmation sent to an email address of your choice. Their entire service is convenient to access as it is available on a large variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. It also has very fast transaction times and, as the final cherry on top, the interface is simple and easy to use overall.

Top POLi Gambling Sites - Rated For You!

We have rated and reviewed many online New Zealand casinos that accept POLi to bring you our list of the bet. We have examined welcome bonuses, software features, jackpots, promotions and game variety to make sure you have a great online casino experience.

Of course, the primary purpose of POLi is to let you play real money games whenever you want to. And our list helps you find the best New Zealand online casinos to spend your money in. Once you make a POLi online casino deposit, you'll be playing at your favourite online casino for New Zealand players in just minutes. So get ready to hit some jackpots!

Looking for more information about Poli? Have a look here to find out more about the benefits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

POLi Payments is the leading online payments site in Australia, which we can also use here in New Zealand for online purchases and gambling transactions. POLi gets rid of the need for credit cards, because they interface directly with your internet banking in order to make quick, safe ad easy payments online. POLi is easy to use - just select your bank, log in with your bank user name and password, and make your payment. You do not need to create a new account with POLi in order to use the site, unlike with other e-commerce sites like Paypal and Skrill that take days to verify your bank account before you can use the money. Anyone with a bank account in Australia or New Zealand can quickly and easily use POLi for gambling transactions.

POLi works much differently than other e- commerce sites on the web today. Usually you have to create a new account, hook up your bank account, verify your information, transfer money into your e- wallet, and then you can make online payments. If that sounds like a hassle, it is because it really is! POLi makes it easy. When you select POLi as your payment method, you can sign in with your internet banking credentials and make payments instantly. It is just a one step process, and it is so simple and easy that anyone can do it. In fact, on their website is a review from an 83 year old man saying how easy it was!

Yes, POLi does allow casino online deposits. Online casinos love to offer POLi as a payment option because it is incredibly easy for them to use as well. When you choose a bank transfer or credit card payment, sometimes casinos have to go through lengthy account and identity verification security checks in order for the bank to clear that money. With POLi that is not necessary. Payments happen right away and casinos appreciate this just as much as their customers do.

Yes, POLi is incredibly safe and they have a very good reputation as a secure payment provider. One of the things that makes them so safe is that you do not have a separate account. They act as a third party only, so that is one less account that is vulnerable to cyber-attacks. POLi does not require you to fill in any personal data either, all you have to do is log in with your internet banking user name and password, and confirm the charge. Everything else is automatic, which is not only way easier and faster for you, it is more secure as well.

Any transaction you make with POLi is extremely fast. POLi payments take the same amount of time as regular credit card purchases - they happen instantly. Best of all, there is no wait time to create a new account, verify your information and your bank account, and then transfer money in and out of that account because POLi connects directly with your internet banking. Unlike cash transfers and prepaid cards, POLi users do not ever have to leave their home and purchase a PIN number or card to use online. POLi is definitely the easiest option out there for New Zealand online gamblers.

POLi compares extremely favourably to other payment methods, as we described above. Let's go over the many reasons again. First of all, POLi is fast. Payments happen instantly, and unlike some other payment methods there is no hassle of creating a new account or purchasing a card in person using a credit card or cash. You can make payments from POLi right away, with no hassle and never having to leave your house. Second, POLi is safe. You do not have to have an account, so there is no risk of your POLi information being hacked. You log in with your banking credentials, so you have the same security from your online bank protecting your information. You do not even have to enter any personal information into a form to use POLi, unlike many other payment methods.

POLi itself does not have any fees that you must pay in order to use their services. Like we said above, POLi is so fast and easy, you just login and confirm the transaction and you are done. There is no fee charged to the customer. With that said, you should remember that foreign owned casinos may charge a currency conversion fee of two to three percent if you have to exchange your New Zealand Dollars for their currency in order to play. POLi still costs much less than other payment methods which may charge up to five percent just to make a deposit.

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