Your Deposit Options At Online Casinos In NZ

Deposit Options

With plenty of options for real money games, choosing a favourite casino can get confusing. Since it's definitely not easy, we're here to help you decide. At, we've reviewed all the first-class payment methods for online casino sites and found the best casinos where you can play with each one. If you'd like to know what our experts' top site for convenient deposit options is, that's easy: Jackpot City.

  • The very best sites give you a wide range of deposit options to choose from
  • Your banking information is always in good hands with the top online casino sites
  • Majority of deposit methods are quick, simple and easy to carry out

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Deposit Options

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Deposit Options

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Deposit Options

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Another fantastic thing about online casinos is the diversity of payment options offered to players.

A lot of players prefer using Amex for their online casino transactions, liking the provider's speed and level of customer protection while gambling online. As such a respected name, all of New Zealand's top casinos online accept American Express and provide a very easy payments process at the cashier. There are plenty of other benefits to real money gamers, too.

POLi is an electronic wallet (e-wallet) and a highly recommended solution for online payments. If you want a recognized and trusted method that is quick and secure, this is your answer. Plus, you don't need to provide your financial details or your credit card information. Without charging you a transaction fee, POLi will make a deposit from your valid bank account to your online casino roll.

Many online gamblers choose a Visa Credit or Debit Card for its reliability. Its "Verified by Visa" feature protects you against fraud and theft. Using it is extremely simple and you can make your payments in a jiffy. Whether you need to have money in your online casino account or you want to cash out, you'll be able to do both in just about no time.

With MasterCard, you can rest assured that you're in safe hands. MasterCard has a strict policy through which they determine if an online casino is responsible and trustworthy. Only the premium ones have been filtered out for you. You'll be able to play big and make higher stakes. Also, there is ease in managing your accounts and funds in one place.

You can fund your casino account or withdraw from it through your debit or credit card just like many other players. With a credit card, you will require an active account at your financial institution. Similarly, for a debit card, make sure your account has sufficient funds for the transaction. As you can review your account online at any given time, it is a safe and easy route to take.

With an ever-increasing number of online casinos accepting Skrill, it is quickly becoming a leading platform for payments. It is also an e-wallet where deposits and withdrawals are instantaneous - you can expect processing in hours versus several days. In addition to being trouble free, this efficient service makes money transfers free of charge.

Neteller is highly favored on account of being a secure medium. You will not be required to disclose any personal or financial data. Being a pioneer in online payments, it has mastered swiftness in online withdrawals and deposits to suit your casino needs.

With its large online presence and highest level of security, many online casino players turn to PayPal for deposits and cash. It is very user-friendly and offers free of charge payments. Just by using your email address you can make direct transfers to casino accounts.

Your Deposit Options

You've obviously discovered that when you're on the internet, casino online gambling is a grand way to have some fun while you also make cash. Aside from the real money welcome bonuses and the convenience, another fantastic thing is the divesity of payment options online casino sites offer. Whether it's your first ever deposit or you're cashing in your winnings, when you head to your casino's cashier page, you'll be offered a number of picks.

With plenty of options, choosing a favorite casino can get confusing. Since it's definitely not easy, we're here to help you decide. At, we've reviewed all the first-class payment methods and found the best casinos where you can play each one:


If you're not ready to cash out just yet, certain online casinos allow you to use your prize money and place it back into your account so you can continue playing!

Final Word

While online casinos' payment options are protected by top level encryption, you should never take a chance with your financial transactions:

  • Ensure that you choose a casino that has encrypted its transactions.
  • Make use of world-class banking methods
  • Be wary of sharing personal information with third parties.

Remember, while no form of payment is the "best" or "worst", you should find the one that is best suited to your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of different payment methods available for online gamblers these days. Gambling online is nothing like going to a brick and mortar casino where your only options are cash, credit card or check. Online players also have the option to use a direct bank transfer, cash wire transfer from companies like Western Union, or e-wallets from companies like PayPal and Skrill. There are no restrictions on gambling from any of these providers, so you can use any of them for your casino transactions.

Yes, most casino sites do accept all of the payment methods listed above. Casino sites want to make the experience of gaming online as easy and smooth as possible for you. This means giving you options. If you have a bank account, you can use a debit card, bank transfer, or even an e-check for payments. If you want an extra level of security, you can use an e-wallet which acts as a third party between the casino site and your bank account. If you do not have a bank account and want to use cash, you can get an e-payment number from Western Union. They make it very easy for you.

All of the recommended payment methods have their benefits and drawbacks to consider. If security is your number one concern, it is best to use a payment method such as an e-payment number from cash transfer services, or an e-wallet like PayPal. These services take your personal information out of the equation when you connect with your casino bankroll. If speed is what you are looking for, the best method is credit or debit card payments because they happen instantly.

The safest methods are those that do not actually enter your personal information into the casino account. These include wire transfers using cash, and electronic transfers using e-wallets. Wire transfers require you to go in person to a payment office or kiosk, where you exchange cash for an e-payment number that you can then use for online payments. This number is not connected to your identity or bank account in any way, so your information is completely safe. E-wallets act in a similar way, allowing you to transfer small or large amounts of money from your bank account into their holding account and then use it for online payments. Your bank account information is never shared with casino sites when you make payments this way.

Credit and debit cards offer the fastest speed for payments by far. Credit and debit card transactions happen instantly, just like they do when you use your cards in person or for any other online purchases. Other transaction methods take a bit longer because they involve many steps. Cash transfers need you to make a cash payment in person, and e-wallets require account verification before you can make payments. Credit and debit cards are available for use immediately with no additional verification or steps involved.

Fees depend on the type of transaction method that you choose. Credit and debit cards do not charge a fee when you make payments to an online casino. Wire transfer services do require a fee any time you use their services. This can be a fixed fee such as a $5 flat rate for all transfers, or it may be a percentage such as a 5% cut of your total transfer. E-wallets also charge fees, but only if you are making payments to a foreign owned company. Local payments are usually not subject to fees. However, when you cash out your winnings from your e-wallet to your bank account they do take a small percentage.

Credit cards are a very attractive option for many players, and it is easy to see why. With a credit card, your payments happen instantly. There are no fees charged when you make a payment, and you can pay off the balance when it is convenient for you. Credit cards are very secure and usually banks have their own security measures in place in addition to casino security features. The negative aspect of credit cards is that you cannot use them for withdrawals, you can only use them for payments. Other than that, there is no reason not to use one!

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