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In New Zealand, online casino fans have an abundance of gambling sites to choose from. To get you to your favourite games quicker, our team has rated and reviewed the very best NZ online gambling sites here. Our selection of trusted online casinos offer excellent games software, bonuses and promotional offers, and lightning speed banking. You can be sure you'll get a great online casino gambling experience, whether you're on a desktop or using an app for a mobile device.

  • No matter what your budget is, you'll be able to find a suitable game for you
  • Excellent welcome bonuses and promotions to boost your bankroll
  • Fast mobile sites and apps provided for smartphone and tablet gaming

Best online Casinos For July 2024

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Online Gambling NZ - What You Need To Know

Millions of players forgo the outdoors and power up their monitors to enjoy the huge variety of games that online gambling in NZ provides.

Online Gambling NZ

Some players may wonder if it is legal to play in the NZ online gambling sites that we have mentioned above. The good news is that it is perfectly legal! While New Zealand has laws against the advertising of gambling within its borders, playing at any one of the online gambling NZ sites mentioned above is all completely above board.

Why do so many players choose New Zealand online gambling sites? It is true that there are many land based casinos to play at, but NZ gambling online websites have a variety of advantages over their brick and mortar counterparts.

Firstly, the online gambling NZ sites on our list provide you with the ability to play any time of day or night. You can play in your pajamas and don't have to get dressed up when you want to enjoy some internet gambling in NZ.

In addition, you can also gamble online at pokies games for as little as $0.01, unlike real casinos which normally require a minimum wager. This means you can play for a whole night with just a few dollars. And all the New Zealand online casino gambling sites on our list offer free play games that let you test the waters before diving into real money play.

2024's Blacklisted Online Gambling Sites

For the vast majority of people, online gambling is loads of fun, providing they manage to find a really good online casino to play at. But how exactly can you know which online casinos to avoid? Well, the answer is simple: take a look through the blacklisted online casinos on this site. We've got no problem calling out any casinos that we think treat players badly, so make sure you avoid the blacklisted online gambling sites listed below.

Close icon Casinos on our Blacklist
Cool Cat Casino Rating: 2.9 /10
  • Extremely slow withdrawals
  • Bonuses not always honoured
  • Not audited by a respected company
Rushmore casino Rating: 3.3 /10
  • Extremely unresponsive customer service
  • Suspicions of acting in a criminal manner
  • Withdrawals can often take months to process
Plenty Jackpots Rating: 2.3 /10
  • Bonus claims are dishonest and false
  • Many reported issues with withdrawals
  • Many players have had money confiscated unfairly

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New Zealand Gambling Online

New Zealand Online Gambling

With the huge choice of New Zealand gambling sites to choose from, we can understand you feeling a little overwhelmed as to which are the best to play at. Therefore, we have made it easy by asking our team to carefully rate and review all of the available providers of NZ gambling online, so that we can bring you our list of the very best.

We have looked at deposit methods, welcome bonuses, promotions, software, graphics, game types and jackpot sizes to ensure we present you with only the top rated Internet gambling NZ sites.

All you need to do is sign up to one of our featured online casinos sites and get into some great New Zealand online gambling today. There are life changing jackpots waiting for you, but they won't wait forever, so start playing at one of the NZ online gambling sites above now.

For more information about betting online in NZ, we recommend visiting the official website of the New Zealand Gambling Commission

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Online gambling is totally legal here in New Zealand. The laws are very clear, they state that New Zealand residents are allowed legally to gamble online as long as they are accessing foreign owned sites. This means that online casinos cannot be owned or operated within the borders of this country, but players can go to any site that is owned by a company in a foreign land. This may sound complicated or hard to achieve, but in reality it is incredibly easy. There are hundreds of casinos online, and most of them are operated in countries that are favourable to online gambling businesses. This means that almost every single casino you will find automatically follows the guidelines set forth by the government of New Zealand.

The most popular types of online gambling are usually the same ones that you will find in a brick and mortar casino. Casino players usually find a game that they love and stick with it, and for that reason the same casino games have maintained popularity over years and even centuries. You will find poker, blackjack, baccarat, slots and roulette and just about every casino and definitely every online casino you play at. There are different versions of each game as well, such as Texas Hold'em Poker, Pai Gow Poker, and hundreds of different online slots. You won't find the exact same games at every single casino, but the basic rules remain the same no matter where you play.

You can win a lot of cash gambling online. How much you win really depends on your choice in games and your skill level. You need to choose games that have a high payout ratio, which can be done by looking up the odds and house edge for particular games and going with the ones that have the best odds in the players favour. You also should study the odds for particular bets in whatever game you choose to play. Different bets have higher or lower odds as well. For example, in Roulette, betting on black vs red has much more favourable odds than betting on a single number. If you make smart bets, you stand to win a lot of money when you gamble online.

Online gambling can be extremely profitable if you play your cards right. All it takes is a certain level of skill, levelheadedness and the right choice of games and you will be on your way to making a serious profit. First you need to make sure you select the right games. Some games have a much higher house edge than others, meaning the house is more likely to win than the player. Choose games of skill like poker or blackjack, not games of chance like roulette or slots. Next you need to build up your skill level. You aren't going to start winning right away, so practice in free games before you move up to real money gambling. Finally, make sure you keep your cool when you gamble. Stick to a budget, don't get over emotional and do not chase your losses and you will not risk losing your profits.

Yes! You can absolutely gamble online via mobile. This includes all mobile devices, from Androids to Windows Phone and iPhone, even tablets like iPads. You have two options when you gamble online via your mobile device. First of all you can download apps. Gambling apps are available in the App Store - either the Google Play store, Apple App Store, or the Windows App Store. You may find a different choice of games in each app store and on each device platform, but you will always find different versions of each of your favourite casino games on each. If you do not want to download an app, you can access casino sites via your mobile browser. This is great for trying out new games, because you do not have to wait for it to download.

No, online gambling winnings are not taxable in New Zealand. We have it good here in New Zealand, unlike in some other countries around the world where online gambling players have to pay income tax or even higher taxes of up to 40% of their winnings. In New Zealand gambling online is not regulated, but we can only access foreign owned sites. This means that our gambling is not considered an income. We do not even have to report winnings to any authorities because it is just considered a hobby. Even professional level players do not have to report their winnings as part of their regular income. This means a lot more profits for you in the long run!

Online gambling is incredibly safe. You may think that because so much money changes hands in online gambling, that these sites would be more vulnerable than most to hackers who want to steal financial data. Luckily this is not the case, in fact the opposite is true. Smaller sites like shops and merchants online are actually the most vulnerable because they cannot afford high tech encryption and firewall technology to protect their customers. Online casinos spend a ton of money keeping a good reputation when it comes to security. You will find on every legitimate online casino's home page certifications and safety measures listed out that they use to protect your data.

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